IP Transit

IP Transit

Multi Tier-1 Global Network

  • IP Transit & Transport Solutions
  • MPLS & VPN services
  • Remote IX Services
  • Virtual Peering Services
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Smart CDN™

Smart CDN™

State of the art CDN solutions

  • Monetize your Traffic
  • Improve OTT Deliveries
  • Control Your Traffic Expenditures
  • Join a Global Network
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Anti- DDoS

Anti- DDoS

Globaly Deployed Scrubbing Centers

  • 1Tbps Attack Mitigation
  • 24x7 SOC Services
  • Up to 15min SLA
  • Protect against all DDoS attacks
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All major internet exchanges worldwide

  • Dedicated and Virtual Servers
  • Tier-1 IP Transit Connectivity
  • On site 24x7 Services
  • More than 100 Hosting partners

Tier-1 Networks

Tuanix operate as a Tier-1 IP transit broker company. Our proposal include a mix of multiple Tier-1 IP transit and transport providers at incomparable prices.

Our reach extends to all major internet exchanges worldwide: New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Ashburn (Washington D.C.) in the United States; Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan in Asia; and London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam in Europe. Compare our proposal with your current rates, Get a quote today.

Smart CDN™

Whether you’re a Carrier, ISP, Enterprise, Datacenter or Content provider, Our Smart CDN™ solutions will assist you in reducing your IP connectivity expenditures, improve your OTT traffic delivery and equip you with the necessary tools to manage your traffic efficiently. Using a unique, state of the art cloud based traffic management platforms, you’ll be able to guarantee an adequate traffic delivery in your network. Get more info about Smart CDN™.

Security Solutions

Protect your network and business from all types of Distributed Denial of Service attacks using our multiple top tier DDoS mitigation providers. We will assist you in tailoring an affordable solution including DDoS monitoring and detection services, DDoS mitigation at all different layers and enjoy over 1T capacity at our partners Global Scrubbing Centers deployed worldwide for Clean Pipe service. Our SLA offers a 15 minutes maximum mitigation time. Click here for more details.

Try our Smart CDN™, Remote IX or Anti-DDoS solutions before you take a decision on purchase. No commitment is required.

Up to 30 days Free of Charge!

Colocation and Dedicated Servers

Servers with Unlimited Bandwidth and Full Port Speed during the Day. Enjoy all the bandwidth your server can burst and a minimum evening-time guarantee of 250 Mbps per server, without paying for a single Mbps. Co-located at the best interconnected datacenters worldwide you will enjoy our partners IP traffic exchange with over 700 ISPs across the globe.

No Long-Term Commitment. Order today your equipment for a test period and cancel at any time by paying the period to month-end. Check out our global presence Map.

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